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When the rest of life gets complicated, we want to ensure your finances do not. As Publix® professionals, our goal in teaming with you is to provide unbiased advice and strategic planning tailored to your unique financial plan.

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One of the main benefits at Publix is access to Publix stock and many employees or associates amass large amounts of stock through long careers at Publix. While this has literally and figuratively “paid dividends” over the years, it's often important to diversify assets in retirement. When working you may be able to take on the risk of a concentrated position of stock, but often in retirement, it is better to diversify your assets away from such high levels of concentration. One such way of doing so through a tax-advantaged way is a “Net Unrealized Appreciation '' Transaction.
Publix is one of the largest, if not the largest, employee owned companies. One of the main benefits to working for Publix is the access to owning Publix stock. Currently, there are generally only three ways to acquire ownership: Buying stock outright in your name, buying stock in your SMART PLan (your 401k), or in the PROFIT Plan (the ESOP).

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