Our Story

A Note from Our Founders — John & Matt

Some stories begin with a defining moment in time, a new discovery or a realization that change is necessary to succeed. Our story started with a dash of each.

After years of working as independent financial planners, we were inspired by the teachings of Philip Palaveev, author of The Ensemble Practice. We discovered that, in an industry where isolation and individualism is the norm, we could be stronger for our clients together. Despite working together for 10 years and relying on each other’s breadth of financial knowledge, we realized that clients would benefit from a partnership where the goals were aligned, diversity was celebrated, and objectivity was paramount.

CandorPath is an ensemble financial planning practice with the intent to provide advice-based solutions for a vast range of financial services, maintain a disciplined approach to objectivity and honesty, and equip clients with the knowledge they need to achieve their version of financial success.

Made up of two CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™, an Enrolled Agent and a Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®), CandorPath Financial provides services to help clients in all phases of their lives. We value honesty, removing all conflicts of interest, and we charge clients a clear, fair fee for our services. We have learned many things in our combined 60 years in the financial services industry. Our biggest lesson? Collaboration is the key to your success.

That’s our story; how can we help write yours?


Meet the Ensemble Behind Our 'Ensemble Approach'

John Kennedy, CFP®

Partner & Senior Wealth Advisor

Matthew Marcoux, CFP®, EA

Partner & Senior Wealth Advisor

Megan Glass

Director of Operations

Michael Scott, CFA®

Director of Retirement Planning

Rainah Fitzgerald

Client Services Specialist

Mackindsay Herbert

Client Services Specialist - Tax